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We are luxury home builders who craft homes and relationships that last. Just as much as we care about the quality of our homes, we care about the people in our company and the people we serve.

The team at Barnett Homes is what defines the company. We’re a true family business, and everyone who joins the team is treated just like one of our own. No assembly line builder feel here, meaning you always get the quality and attention you deserve.

When you work with us, you’re working with people, not a corporation. You can see who Barnett is in everything from the unique art around our office, to the community activities we take part in, to how we relate to our buyers. Our company culture is one of genuine expression and one with a focus on belonging – and that spirit extends to everyone we do business with.

Meet the Team

Ken Fixler


Jonathon Fixler

Vice President

Matt Kustusch

Lead Architect

Neil Power

Head of Construction

Julie Gately

Project Manager

Danny Smith

Lead Designer

true to your beginnings

Reflecting on how it all started

In 2009, Barnett Homes was founded as a division of Barnett Capital. It all started in 2008, shortly after the recession, when we started developing homes in Chicago.

As we began working on more and more homes, we started falling in love with the work. It was during this time that the ideals we still hold began to form. We saw that pride in our work was important to us, that we wanted to create built-to-last homes, and that we had a belief in treating every buyer with the utmost respect.

Opportunities came along to work on more high end properties, and we embraced them. It wasn’t long until we became known as builders of luxury homes. Although the type of homes we develop has changed, our ideals and the passion we have remain the same.